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Dyanne Silver designs have been seen in several prominent publications, including multiple editions of Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Arizona Traveler.



Each piece, which is either one of a kind or from a limited set, is intricately and personally handcrafted by acclaimed Arizona designer Dyanne Silver.
The experience of having lived in such colorful and enchanting places as the picturesque beaches of Florida, mystical Arizona cities of Sedona and Scottsdale, magnificent cattle ranches in The Rockies, and the cultural meccas of Santa Fe and San Francisco, has had a magical influence on Dyanne's designs.
Dyanne has produced signature collections for Nordstrom and Saks, and her exquisite designs have been seen on celebrities and entertainers.


Horsing Around

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Throughout time, the horse has been a symbol of grace and beauty, but also a warrior with a spirit of running wild to set its soul free. In honoring this magnificent creature, Dyanne Silver has designed her new and limited collection of enchanting adornments, beckoning you to let your own spirit run wild!



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